• "Peace by Piece"

    Community, Kids & Clay




    Fargo's Madison community: Skate and bike park featuring the

    Fargo Art & Culture Commission's first public art grant project that turned out to be North America's largest brick sculpture!

  • Vision

    To enhance the Golden Ridge/Madison neighborhood of North Fargo by building a quality skate/bike park that will offer a safe, positive and healthy atmosphere for beginning skate/bike users and spectators to enjoy. This venue will unite many generations in the high density, low income, ethnically diverse Golden Ridge subdivision. Community involvement, pride, beautification and amenities will help the Golden Ridge community become one of choice, not circumstance.

    Legacy Children's Foundation

    Legacy Director, Mary Jean Dehne is the visionary behind imagining a new beginner's skate/bike park that utilized community involved art-making for North Fargo's Golden Ridge/Madison community. Mary Jean and the Legacy Foundation firmly believe in empowering children and communities. The Foundation's goal is to provide a healthy set of expectations and meaningful rewards to teens, as stepping stones to the achievement of a high school diploma. To nurture faithful relationships between teens and members of our community so the gifts and talents of each life may thrive. Learn more or get involved at: Legacychildrensfoundation.com

    The Role of Art

    The brick artworks in the park will be inspired by and be reflective of the diverse cultures present in this neighborhood. Led by Professor and ceramic artist Brad Bachmeier, children and adults in the community have an opportunity to be involved in the design, carving, building and installation of the brick public art structures. The three works that comprise this public art piece are:

    1)Brick archway/entrance to the bike/skate park

    2)Mosaic wall/seat created by Madison school children

    3)Thirty foot long playground lizard with seating area

  • Stages & Timeline

    January/February, 16

    -Numerous design team meetings with city and organization partners and stakeholders

    -City of Fargo Art Commission's First Public Art Grant is awarded to Bachmeier Pottery to complete the Madison Skate Park brick sculpture proposal


    -Madison community cultural constituency interviews/home visits

    -Brick order placed with Hebron

    -Madison Elementary School mosaic project planned


    -Madison Children do cultural research homework

    -All Madison School children make mosaic mural in school led by Magda Szeitz of Magpie Mosaics and art teacher Megan Johnson

    -Legacy Foundation students participate in public artwork brainstorming for design work

    -Sculpture site preparation and supply arrangements



    -Wet brick arrives and wet work is begun in June. Stacking and carving is complete by August and wet work is completed

    -Leather hard brick is disassembled and palletized for shipment to Hebron for firing

    -Brick to be shipped back to Fargo for winter storage, site prep/footings funding to be procured over winter

    July/August, 2017

    -Funding procured for concrete footings and site preparation

    -Installation begins and is finished in Jully. Mosaic is applied in August.

    -Ribbon cutting and grand opening set for Wednesday, August 16th at 1:00. See flyer here: www.legacychildrensfoundation.com

  • The Public Art

    Brick Sculpture Project(s)


    # of children, artists, and community members involved with the project


    Hours spent on planning, creating and installing the brick sculptures


    Estimated value of the brick sculptures upon installation


    Number of brick that were stacked, carved, coded, disassembled and installed

  • People Power

    Kids, Parents, Artists, Community Members and Volunteers

    The Community.....Thank You!!

    Legacy Children's Foundation Director and Skate Park Project Leader: Mary Jean Dehne

    Bachmeier Pottery & Sculpture: Brad Bachmeier, Principal Artist, Bachmeierpottery.com

    Master Brick Mason & Project Contractor: Paul Speral

    Lead Assistant Sculptor: Gerry Kulzer, Kulzerdesign.com

    Mosaic Panel Artists: Magda Seitz and Megan Johnson

    Mosaic Artists: Madison Elementary School children

    Artist Volunteers: Nancy Leier, Jane Peterson, Chris Alveshere, Catie Miller, Kelsey Klug, Marissa VanVleet, Brittany Ryba, Kelli Sinner, Meghan Hilibichuk, Allison Schaaf, Hanna Puetz, Julianne Helander, Chris Boedigheimer, Olivia Bain, Darin Johnson, Kim Maki

    Community Volunteers: Cody Orr, Clay Bachmeier, Caitlin Speral, Mackenna Bachmeier, Sue Bachmeier, Addison Bachmeier, Larry and Evert: brick masons

    Legacy Foundation Volunteers: Mary Jean Dehne, Nancy Jordheim, Alice, Mae Rauls, Julie Schumacher

    Legacy Student Volunteers: Bishop, Elijah, Quame, Mya, Krista, Gira, Fideli, Maria, Avelino, Meskiu, Rose, Puja, Grace, Doug, Gracie, Jolyna, Carter, Jennie, Mary, Jeremiah, Khem, Tirtha, Morika


  • Partners

    Thanks to all donors, a tremendous community effort

    City of Fargo Public Art Commission

    Hebron Brick

    Fargo Public Schools

    Madison Elementary School Children

    Fargo Parks & Rec.

    Legacy Children's Foundation

    FM Area Foundation

    Bachmeier Pottery

    Designer/Principal Artist/Brick Sculptor

    Fargo Police Dept.

    KLJ Architects

    Dakota Underground

    Paul Speral

    Project Manager/ Master brick mason

    Camrud-Foss Concrete

    Houston Engineering

    Kjos Investments

    Magda Seitz and Megan Johnson

    Mosaic Artists

    Strata Corporation

    Superior Contracting